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Triumph in Adversity

Stories of resilience and courage in the midst of Covid-19

During this time of a global health crisis, Baha’is around the world are finding creative means to contribute to the well-being of their society.

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Green Acre Morning Devotions

The Green Acre Baha'i Centre of Learning staff share in prayer and reflection to start their work day. And although they’re in a time of social distancing, it is a moment they can connect and unify in other ways.

20200331 3.jpg

Slovenian Village members prepared

Taking proactive steps to help their community face the challenges of the current global health crisis, youth and adults in this small village of some 450 people have been finding creative ways to share information and arrange for access to necessities.


How Isolation Can Help Us Draw Parallels 

Read this insightful article by Irina Kenig on (external site) on How Isolation Can Help Us Draw Parallels to Events in Baha’i History.

Chile Bahai Temple.jpg

Prayers in the Temple: Chile Baha'i House

The Baha'i House of Worship of South America in Chile is holding weekly devotional sessions online. This devotional space is part of the activities that the Bahá'í Temple carries out every Sunday and until its doors open again.


Communities reach out to friends

The public response to the novel coronavirus has imposed a range of temporary limitations on all kinds of social activity, but Baha’is across Canada are finding creative ways to remain connected with their friends and neighbours.

Wilmette Institute.jpg

WI Live: Free Community Videos

The Wilmette Institute now has free web video programming for junior youth, youth, and adults while we shelter in place.


Children in Luxembourg send love

Children in Luxembourg participating in moral education classes offered by the Baha’i community have been learning about being of service to one’s society.

children classes.jpg

Online Baha'i Children's Devotional

Would you like to participate in a weekly children’s devotional and spiritual story time focused on the virtues in action?

Elika Mahony.jpg

Elika Mahony Runs Live Music Devotional

Acclaimed Baha'i Musician, Elika Mahony is offering some online devotionals via her Facebook page. 

coronavirus Bahai faith.jpg

Surprising Spiritual Principles 

Read this article by Marie Gervais on the surprising spiritual principles being learned from the Coronavirus Pandemic (external website).

Jacqueline Claire.jpg

Spiritual Conversation with Jacqueline Claire

Jacqueline Claire Leal, a Baha’i in New Braunfels, Texas, has launched a podcast, Spiritual Conversation, in which she draws (pun intended) from her artistic process as well as life experiences and her faith for insights.


National Guard Support for Youth

When the effects of the coronavirus disease began causing disruptions to life in their neighborhood, a group of youth quickly turned their attention to pressing needs arising from school closures.


To Make the World Economy Humane

Badi Shams from (external site) asks the question, Will it Take a Pandemic to Make the World Economy Humane?

Red Grammer.jpg

Red Grammer Online Family Concert

Acclaimed children’s performer Red Grammer, a Baha’i in Upland, California, is taking to the Internet with a weekly concert. 


Rising to the occasion in a global crisis

Efforts of Baha’is to serve humanity increase in intensity. Communities are quickly and creatively adapting to new forms of interaction suited to public health requirements.


Striving to strengthen community ties

The challenge of conducting Baha’i-initiated core activities of community building during a pandemic was further brought home to Charlotte, North Carolina.


How World Unity Could Stop Pandemics

Read this article by David Langness on (external website).


Baha’i education efforts move online

Baha’i centers of learning in the United States are learning every day about how to serve their neighbors and the Baha’i community as Americans shelter in place during the COVID-19 crisis.

USA Bahai House Inside.jpg

Virtual Prayer Sessions Held Daily

Because of the COVID-19 health crisis, the Baha’i House of Worship in Whilmette, closed until it is deemed safe but the devotional programs are moved to Zoom.


San Diego social network thrives

As the coronavirus pandemic deepened, Julie Iraninejad saw more and more how “the close social networks that have been created through the core activities have really helped us at this time of struggle.”


Choosing Love Over Panic During COVID

Read this article by Gouya Zamani, titled "Choosing Love Over Panic During the Coronavirus Outbreak" on the website (external site)


COVID-19 Activity Book for Children

Chelsea Lee Smith has created a free printable 20 page activity book for children to help them navigate the current environment of Coronavirus.


Pilgrimage & Visits to the Bahá’í World 

Travel Advisory from the Baha'i World Centre (BWC) Website advises that pilgrimage and visits to the Bahá’í World Centre has been cancelled.


COVID-19 and the Body Politic

Read this article by Mojgan (Mo) Sami on Baha'i Blog (External site link). 


Baháʼís of Metro Atlanta Cluster

Baha’is in the Atlanta cluster of Baha’i communities made a video featuring young people of all backgrounds from around the area.


Find Peace of Mind During the COVID-19

Read this article by Kathy Roman on 5 Ways to Find Peace of Mind During the COVID-19 Outbreak on (external site)

Prayer for Protection.jpg

A Prayer for Protection by Elika Mahony

A prayer for protection written by The Báb composed in honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.


Naw-Ruz around the world 

During this time of a global health crisis, Baha’is around the world are finding creative means of marking Naw-Ruz—their new year and the first day of spring—while strictly adhering to public health measures to halt the spread of Covid-19.

loving hands.jpg

A Prayer by Baha'u'llah 

Read a prayer revealed by Bahá’u’lláh for protection from pestilence. 

Also includes a collection of writings and prayers for protection, anxiety and healing. 

Universal House of Justice Message Naw R

Naw-Ruz 177 B.E. Message

Read the Universal House of Justice message for Naw-Ruz 177 B.E. to the Baha'is of the World.


Covid-19 - A message from Italy

The following uplifting message is a message from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Italy to the Bahá'ís of Italy.

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