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Naw-Rúz Program 177BE - Baháʼís of Metro Atlanta Cluster

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As the days counted down to Naw-Ruz, marking the start of a new year in the Baha’i calendar on March 20, many Baha’i communities went about setting up live-streamed celebrations or sending out readings and song links that could be used in family or small-group commemorations.

Baha’is in the Atlanta cluster of Baha’i communities were really under the gun as they scrambled to make a YouTube video featuring young people of all backgrounds from around the area.

“Here is a creative solution for our cluster to celebrate Naw-Ruz!” reads an announcement from the committee in charge. “You, your family and friends are invited to enjoy a cluster-wide Naw-Ruz celebration featuring the children, junior youth and youth in our cluster, using YouTube as a medium. 

“Even though we will be in our homes and in small gatherings, we can still enjoy a Naw-Ruz celebration as we watch the YouTube video at the same time.”

To create the video, the announcement goes on to say, “A small group of producers will bring the camera to homes in small settings to film, record, edit and upload the video by March 19.”



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