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A Moment of Reflection - UK Baha'i Community

In light of these challenging times, the Bahá'í Office of Public Affairs is inviting people to a digital space to reflect on humanity's oneness through sharing words of hope and encouragement. Alongside the rest of the world, they are conscious of the apprehension and suffering afflicting the whole of society. More than ever before, it is evident that the wellbeing of humanity, its peace and security, are dependent on collective strength and resilience - one a recognition of our oneness. The UK Baha'i Community are seeing this strength in the display of unity that is upholding the welfare of their communities, and also in words of encouragement and faith from their friends, colleagues, and wider communities. They would like to invite everyone to join:

Event: A Moment of Reflection.

Time: 12pm on Monday, 6th April. (London Time)

For half an hour, they will be reflecting on our oneness by sharing words that inspire hope and strength. Any short contribution, whether poetry, prayer, or proverb, would also be most welcome. More Stories of resilience and courage in the midst of Covid-19 >



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