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Elika Mahony Runs Live Music Devotional

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Acclaimed Baha'i Musician, Elika Mahony is offering some online devotionals via her Facebook page. These will be happening as the spirit guides her. On her FB page subscribe to notifications to be informed of when she is going live.

Elika Mahony Baha'i Faith

From Elika:

“A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was giving a concert except that at the same time I was in the audience wearing my pyjamas viewing the show! The dream inspired me to do a live online music sharing session. I look forward to singing several Baha’i prayers and quotations set to music on the theme of tests and difficulties, detachment and healing in the hopes that it will bring you joy and solace. To receive a notification as soon as I go live, you can go to my Facebook Music page and select “notify me…” which will let you know when I go live (see photo below for steps on how to do that). Looking forward to seeing you online. Wishing you safety, health and protection. Much love, Elika”


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