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Light Up The World - Global Prayer Chain in Response to Covid-19

Prayer is a powerful force in the universe. It offers hope, comfort, gratitude, and love. is a not-for-profit project created by One Planet.

The idea stems from his Baha’i beliefs that prayer, positive thinking, inspiration, and love can make a difference in someone’s life. is a public forum for people to join in world community prayer and share what they want — a religious prayer, a nondenominational reflection, a link to a piece of music, etc., — with the world. The prayer currently in the queue is being read in real-time by the person who offered it.

They respect and accept all forms of prayers or positive reflections, regardless of your religion, ideology, or personal views. We are all part of one human race, and we all are enduring this moment of extreme difficulty together.

The purpose is simple: show love.

The Goal of Light Up The World

People around the world will participate in a never-ending prayer chain that will go on until the current collective suffering caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19 has ended. Visitors to the site will be able to see in real-time when someone says a prayer for the world.

How it Works

No matter where in the world you are, you can join in the prayer chain and pray for humanity. Select a time to offer a prayer, positive message, or a link to an inspirational video or music. Submissions that meet their community guidelines will be seen around the world. When you see a prayer highlighted in the timeline, that means it’s being said in real-time by the person who submitted it.



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