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Communities keep connections strong through connection, service

Texas Baha'i Youth
Rockwall, Texas, neighbors model the type of masks they’ve sewn for health care workers. Photo courtesy of Naomi de la Torre

Baha’is and friends in a Rockwall, Texas, neighborhood were inspired to meet a need that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result was an initiative called Masked with Love.

They had become aware of the lack of personal protective equipment for local health care workers, as well as the need for everyone in the community to start wearing homemade masks when out shopping or doing other essential tasks.

So these neighbors decided to work together to provide free homemade masks, says Naomi de la Torre, a Baha’i in Rockwall. Some sewed, some cut fabric, some cut elastic, some donated fabric and others made deliveries.

More than 200 masks have been donated in the community thus far and hundreds more are still being produced.

It has been a wonderful experience for the collaborators and even has created opportunities for new friendships to arise, says de la Torre. “The friends are grateful to have Baha’u’llah’s message of hope and healing to guide them during this time.”



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