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Stories of the Bab

Children tell the stories of the Bab

There's many beautiful stories about the Bab. One day at school, the Bab’s teacher asked him to say the first word of Koran. The Bab hesitated. He would know that he knew what the words meant. The teacher pretended not to know. The Bab explained it to the teacher. So the teacher took him back to his uncle and he was unworthy to teach the Bab. The Bab had mysterious power and didn't need teachers. So his uncle was mad at him and told him to return to school and be quiet and listen to his teachers. So day after day, the Bab could not contain his intuitive knowledge. He had to share his superhuman wisdom. The Bab had superhuman wisdom.


The Bab was five years old that he could raise his hands and pray to God. He wakes up in the middle of the night, his obligatory prayer. Sometimes he will cry, but they were happy tears. I know a story about the bob.


When the Bab was nine years old, him, his uncle and some friends went on a journey up to a village that was on top of the mountains.

When they got there, everyone was really tired and exhausted. So they said their prayers, ate dinner and went to bed.

In the middle of the night, the uncle woke up and he saw that the Bab wasn't there. He was worried that the Bab fell off the mountain. But after some searching, he saw that he was just testing little ways on the mountain with intense joy and love for God.


While the Bab was working as a merchant in his uncle's shop, he made a sale of indigo die.

The merchants and the Bab negotiated the price and moved it to their office.

A day or so went by and they came back to the Bab and said, will you lower the price? And the Bab said no.

They had made a bargain, signed the papers. Then the die was already in their office.

The merchants argued, It is the custom of our country.

The Bab said, the custom is wrong.

And then how much? They begged and pleaded. The Bab would not change the price for them.

The merchants kept arguing, this is the custom. This is the custom. The Bab replied, I'm ending the custom.

Eventually, the merchants had to return the die to the Bab as the Bab would not give in. And that is one of the many ways the Bab has changed the world.

  • The one whose advent at once singularized the termination of the prophetic cycle and the reception of the cycle of fulfillment.

  • The primal point from which have been generated all created things.

  • The mystic fane

  • The great announcement

  • That flame at the supreme light that glowed upon Sinai

  • The remembrance of God


The government, the Nation, the doctors of divinity and the great personages desired to extinguish His light, but they could not do so. At last, His moon arose, His star shone forth, His foundations became firmly established, and His dawning place became brilliant.

He imparted divine education to an unenlightened multitude and produced marvelous results on the thoughts, morals, customs and conditions of the Persians. He announced the glad tidings of the manifestation of the son of Baha to his followers and prepared them to believe.



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