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Paris Talks

A Selection of Talks by ' Abdu'l-Baha chosen from Paris Talks

Paris Talks Bahai
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The Duty of Kindness and Sympathy towards Strangers and Foreigners


The Sun of Truth


God’s Greatest Gift to Man

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The True Meaning of the Prophecies Concerning the Coming of Christ

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Material and Spiritual Progress

Shrine of the Bab Path Sun.jpg

The Evolution of the Spirit

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There Can Be No True Happiness and Progress without Spirituality

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The Cruel Indifference of People towards the Suffering of Foreign Races

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The Second Principle—The Unity of Mankind

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The Sixth Principle—Means of Existence for All

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The Ninth Principle—The Noninterference of Religion with Politics


The Four Kinds of Love

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God Is the Great Compassionate Physician Who Alone Gives True Healing


The Light of Truth Is Now Shining upon the East and the West

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The Benefits of God to Humankind

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The Holy Spirit, the Intermediary Power between God and Man

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Good Ideas Must Be Carried into Action

Body Soul Spirit.png

Concerning Body, Soul and Spirit

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Pain and Sorrow

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The Eleven Principles out of the Teaching of Baha’u’llah Explained by ‘Abdu’l‑Baha

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The Acceptance of the Relation between Religion and Science

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The Seventh Principle—Equality of Humankind

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The Tenth Principle—Equality of Sex

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God Comprehends All; He Cannot Be Comprehended


The Universal Love

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Beauty and Harmony in Diversity

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The Two Natures in Humanity

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The True Meaning of Baptism by Water and Fire

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Work with Heart and Soul to Bring About a Better Condition in the World

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The Perfect Human Sentiments and Virtues


The First Principle—Search after Truth

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The Fifth Principle—The Abolition of Prejudices

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The Eighth Principle—Universal Language and Universal Peace

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The Eleventh Principle—The Power of the Holy Spirit

The full text of Paris Talks can be found on the official Baha'i Reference Library.
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