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Quiz on the Bab

19 questions on the Bab, Prophet Herald of the Baha'i Faith. 19 things you should know about the life and history of the Bab.

1. When was the Bab born and was His name?

He was born on the 20th of October, 1819, and was called Siyyid Ali Muhammad.

2. Where was He born?

He was born in Shiraz, Iran.

3. Who did the Bab marry?

He married Khadijih-Bagum in 1842.

4. What was his job before he knew he was a Messenger of God?

He was a merchant like his uncle (Haji Mirza Siyyid Ali).

5. When did the Bab tell everyone He was a Messenger of God and how old was He?

He declared his mission in 1844 when he was only 24 years old.

6. When did the Bab and Mulla Husayn meet?

They met on the 22nd of May in 1844.

7. Who were the Letters of the Living and how many were there?

They were the first 18 followers of the Bab.

8. Who did the Bab go with when He went to Mecca and Medina?

He went with Quddus.

9. What bad thing happened in Shiraz when he was under house arrest at his uncle’s house?

There was a cholera epidemic in the city.

10. How long did the Bab stay in Tabriz and where did he go after?

The Bab stayed in Tabriz for 40 days and went to the fortress of Maku.

11. What happened in July 1848?

The Bab attended a trial where He was questioned by many clergies. The prince also attended the trial.

12. What does the name the Bab mean and why did He call Himself this?

It means ‘The Gate’. He called himself this because he was like the gate to the New Age.

13. What happened when the government would bring the Bab to the different cities?

He spread the Babi faith, despite the fact that was what they were trying to prevent.

14. What happened in Mazandaran?

It was called the Siege of Mazandaran. There were around 400 Babis, and several thousand armed guards, not including those guards’ back-up guards. It was in a jungle where the battle was.

15. Who was the Bab martyred with?

He was martyred with Muhammad-Ali, more commonly known as Anis.

16. When and where was he martyred?

He was martyred on the 9th of July in Tabriz, 1850

17. How old, and how was the Bab when He was martyred.

He was only 30 and He was shot at by 750 bullets.

18. Where were their remains taken before they were able to be put in the Shrine of the Bab?

They were taken to Isfahan, Kirmanshar, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and then Akka.

19. What year was it when their remains were put into the Shrine of the Bab?

It was on March 21st in 1909.

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