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Quiz on Ridvan

19 questions on Ridvan, the Most Great Festival of the Baha'i Faith. 19 things you should know about RIdvan.

1. When does Ridvan start?

Ridvan starts on the 20th-21st of April.

2. Why is it called Ridvan?

It’s called Ridvan because that’s the name of the garden that Baha’u’llah declared his mission.

3. Where is the Garden of Ridvan?

The Garden of Ridvan is in Baghdad.

4. Fill in the blank: Baha’u’llah calls Ridvan as one of two “Most ____ Festivals”

Most Great Festivals

5. Why is Ridvan so important?

Because it was when Baha’u’llah declared his mission, meaning Ridvan marks the start of the Baha’i faith.

6. What else do Baha’is do during Ridvan?

We have the elections for the Local, and National Spiritual Assemblies and every five years, the election for the Universal House of Justice.

7. How long is Ridvan?

Ridvan is twelve days long.

8. Which days are Baha’i Holy Days?

The first, ninth, and twelfth day of Ridvan are holy days.

9. What does Ridvan mean?

Ridvan means ‘paradise’ in Arabic.

10. Exactly how many days after Naw-Ruz is Ridvan?

Ridvan is exactly 31 days after Naw-Ruz.

11. What happened on the ninth day?

Baha’u’llah’s family was able to join him in the Garden.

12. When we talk about the Garden of Ridvan, the garden has another name, what’s that name?

The Garden of Ridvan is also called the Najibiyyih Garden.

13. What flower is commonly associated with the Garden of Ridvan?

Roses, it is said the garden was filled with the scent of roses.

14. It was said that people could hear the singing of what bird in the Garden of Ridvan?

They could hear the song of the nighting-gale.

15. There are two Gardens of Ridvan, where are they?

The original one is on the banks of the Tigris River in Baghdad, and the second is in Akka.

16. Baha’u’llah discussed many topics during Ridvan, what was one of the main ones he discussed on the first day of Ridvan?

He discussed Religious War.

17. We know that Local Spiritual Assemblies are elected during Ridvan, but which day of Ridvan are they elected?

The Local Spiritual Assemblies are elected on the first day of Ridvan.

18. Other than Ridvan, what was the other ‘Most Great Festival’?

The Declaration of the Bab.

19. How did Baha’u’llah leave the Garden of Ridvan?

He left the Garden of Ridvan on horseback.



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