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New Book: Story of my Heart

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Story of My Heart by 'Ali-Akbar Furútan

The memoirs of the Hand of the Cause, 'Ali-Akbar Furútan, were first published in Iran in 1977 and reprinted in England in 1981. This volume is far more than a translation into English since many incidents have been added and the structure of several chapters rearranged. A number of photographs of historical interest are also included.

The author's recollections span most of the twentieth century, from the arrival of the first motor car in Iran to the establishment of the permanent Seat of the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, and a great part of the world in all its aspects has passed before his eyes. He is known to thousands of Bahá'ís of every race and nation, with whom he has shared his knowledge, practical wisdom, humour and affection.

The descriptions of his early years make a fascinating story and open a door onto a third of his life almost wholly unfamiliar to his readers. From 1930 until he was called to the Bahá'i World Centre in 1957, he served the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh indefatigably in Iran. The events of his two pilgrimages to Haifa and 'Akká in 1941 and 1954 are related, and there are accounts of his worldwide travels as a Hand of the Cause. Especially to be noted are the summaries of his talks, invaluable for deepening knowledge of the Faith, while the range and extent of his travels cannot but inspire younger Bahá'ís in their own dedicated services to follow in his path.

The book can be bought at Baha'i Books Australia and Amazon.



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