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Individual initiatives call on creative approaches in crisis

Baha'i Oasis Podcast
Daniel Guarro, a Baha’i in St. Petersburg, Florida, takes advantage of the acoustics in his car to record one of his podcasts of Baha’i prayers and passages. Photo courtesy of Daniel Guarro

Brand-new Baha’i Daniel Guarro “felt the internal nudge of the Holy Spirit to podcast something inspirational and in line with my new faith,” he says.

He had planned to wait until summer, “once I was a part of the Baha’i Faith longer and had more experience,” says the St. Petersburg, Florida, resident. “But the nudge got stronger only a couple weeks after my declaration” and with the COVID-19 pandemic upon us.

So he downloaded an app called Anchor and went to work, recording a Baha’i prayer or passage each day on his smartphone. The first Baha’i Oasis podcast was on his birthday, April 2. On April 14 he began a “journey” through The Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah, prophet-founder of the Baha’i Faith.

“I simply wanted to give a little gift by offering a few minutes of Baha’i prayer to the world,” says Guarro. 

“I simply select [a prayer or passage] that moves me and/or applies to my life on the morning of each recording. Shortly after my morning meditation I read the prayer as Anchor records my voice. Sometimes I feel moved to add my own words of prayer.

“I pray every morning anyway, so why not share it with anyone who is seeking some prayer and inspiration?” he reflects.

Guarro is urging listeners to leave an email or voice message on his podcast.

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