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Crowned Hearts: Amelia Collins

an image of the book cover, with a watercolor portrait of amelia and birds surrounding the portrait
Amelia Collins

The Crowned Heart series is the popular and inspiring collection of stories for young readers, drawn from Lights of Fortitude. It introduces beloved heroines of the Faith.

"How many queens of the world have laid down their heads on a pillow of dust and disappeared... Not so the handmaids who ministered at the Threshold of God; these have shone forth like glittering stars in the skies of ancient glory, shedding their splendours across all the reaches of time." ⏤ `Abdu’l-Bahá.

This is the story of Hand of the Cause of God, Amelia Collins. This easy-to-read story is accompanied by beautifully watercolour illustrations from Sanaz.

It can be bought here, from Baha'i Books Australia, and here, from Barnes and Nobles.

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