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Creating an Inclusive Narrative

an image of the book "creating an inclusive narrative
Creating an Inclusive Narrative

Creating an Inclusive Narrative is the culmination of a two-year project, a contribution to the national discourse on social cohesion, by the Office of External Affairs. The project explored foundational concepts around social cohesion with 500 representatives from a broad array of backgrounds and sections of society, including academics, representatives of government and non-government organisations, community group leaders, youth representatives, journalists and thought leaders at fifty roundtables held around the country.

It conveys the vision, hopes, aspirations of Australians to foster a socially cohesive society, synthesising unifying descriptions of common identity and values which can strengthen social cohesion and inclusion. The publication describes a narrative of our past and present, but also of the future – the kind of society participants envision for generations to come and noting keys area for further learning.

The book can be bought at:

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