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The Nine Year Plan

the text "the nine year plan" is pictured above half a mandala of a rising sun
The Nine Year Plan, messages of the Universal House of Justice

At Riḍván this year [2021] we described how, over the course of a quarter century, the Bahá’í world underwent a transformation that endowed it with an undreamed-of capacity to learn, to grow, and to serve humanity. But, however bright were the achievements of this period, they must be eclipsed by what is to come. By the conclusion of the new series of Plans recently begun, the Bahá’í community will need to have acquired capacities that can scarcely be glimpsed at present. In your deliberations over the coming days, you will be occupied with exploring what is required to bring into being such a fortified community — The Universal House of Justice.

It can be bought here, from Baha'i Books Australia, and here, from Palabra Publications.

A revised edition will be released immediately after Riḍván, including the Riḍván 2022 message.

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