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Siyyid Kazim-i-Rashti

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The news of the passing away of Shaykh Ahmad greatly distresses Siyyid Kazim, but at the same time strengthened his resolve to carry on the work of his beloved teacher with renewed vigor. However, without the protection of Shaykh Ahmad, Siyyid Kazim found himself to be the target of malicious attacks of those who were jealous of him and his position.

Siyyid Kazim decided to send one of his disciples, Mulla Husayn-i-Bushru’i, who was later given the title of Babu’l-Bab by the Bab, as the Bab’s first believer, to visit one of the most learned priests in Iran and get his support, so that Siyyid Kazim could restore his influence over the people. Mulla Husayn was successful in this task.

At this time Siyyid Kazim became aware that the appearance of the Promised One was very close at hand. He therefore exerted the utmost endeavor to remove the barriers that might stand in the way of this very recognition of this Treasure of God. He even hinted at His presence in their very midst saying,

“You behold Him with your eyes and yet recognize Him not… He is a descendent of the Prophet of God… He is young in age, and is possessed of innate knowledge. His learning is not from the teachings of Shaykh Ahmad, but from God. My knowledge is but a drop compared with the immensity of His knowledge… He is of medium height, abstains from smoking, and is of extreme devoutness and piety.”

The story related by one of the disciples, Shaykh Hasan-i-Zunuzi, needs to be recounted at this juncture. One early morning Shaykh Hasan was awakened and taken by Siyyid Kazim to a house, at the door of which was standing a Youth whose countenance showed an expression of humility and kindliness. He wore a green turban, showing himself to be a descendent of the Prophet. He showed great love to Siyyid Kazim, but the complete humility and reverence which Siyyid Kazim bore towards the Youth took Shaykh Hasan by surprise. The Youth took them inside the house, bade them be seated and offered a drink in a silver cup to Siyyid Kazim, at the same time reciting a line from the Quran 76:21, “A drink of pure beverage shall their Lord give them.” Shaykh Hasan, too, was given the same drink, but all that was spoken was this same line from the Quran. Three days later this same Youth came where the disciples of Siyyid Kazim were assembled. He sat for some time listening to Siyyid Kazim, but as the latter’s eyes fell on Him, he stopped his speech and, turning to the Youth, said to his disciples, “What more shall I say? Lo! The truth is more manifest than the ray of light that has fallen upon that lap!” Shaykh Hasan immediately observed that the ray to which he referred had fallen upon the lap of that same Youth whom we had recently visited. Despite repeated appeals and requests, Siyyid Kazim refused to divulge the name of the Promised One.

Shaykh Hasan made inquiries about the Youth and found that He was an extremely worthy person, but every time he wished to approach Him, some power restrained him from speaking to the Youth. Sometime later he was told that the Youth had left for Shiraz, and shortly after that he heard of the call of the Young Man from Shiraz. This Young Man, this Youth was none other than the Bab. From then on Shaykh Hasan remained in close association with the Bab, and engaged himself in transcribing the verses dictated by Him. Later the Bab sent Shaykh Hasan to Karbala and told him to remain there till he beheld with his own eyes the promised Husayn (the Manifestation who would soon appear) and when he did he should convey to Him the expression of the Bab’s loving devotion. Shaykh Hasan lived in Karbala for two years. In the year 1851, whilst praying one day at the Shrine of the Imam Husayn, Shaykh Hasan in his own words said: “The beauty of that face, those exquisite features which no pen or brush dare describe, His penetrating glance, His kindly face, the majesty of His bearing, the sweetness of his smile, the luxuriance of His jet-black flowing locks left an indelible impression upon my soul. I was then an old man bowed with age. He took my hand and said ‘Praise be to God that you have remained in Karbala and have beheld with your own eyes the countenance of the promised Husayn.’ I recalled instantly the promise given to me by the Bab.” Shaykh Hasan wanted to proclaim the news of the advent of the promised Husayn to all the world, but he was restrained by Baha’u’llah Who told him the hour was approaching but had not yet come.

As the days of Siyyid Kazim were drawing to a close, he continued with unabated zeal to teach his disciples and told them that many of them would find Him and in return would have to give up their lives in His path. He also related to them how Shaykh Ahmad had repeatedly told him about the advent of those twin Revelations which were to follow one another in rapid succession. Shaykh Ahmad had also mentioned to Siyyid Kazim that neither of them would live to gaze upon their effulgent glory.

Siyyid Kazim passed away at the age of sixty. His remains were buried in the precincts of the Shrine of Imam Husayn.

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