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“Relier les coeurs” shares music, art and prayers for Quebec

The Regional Baha’i Council of Quebec has launched a new website called “Relier les coeurs” featuring music, prayer compilations and artwork.

“We are excited and happy that the Council decided to create such a resource in French for the whole population of Quebec,” shared one of the team members responsible for creating the website.

The Regional Council was reflecting on how to help the community access more materials and resources in French, with the hope that it would assist in increasing the spaces open for devotional gatherings and meaningful conversations amongst different communities across the province.

In thinking of creative ways to support this goal, they decided to create a website as a resource to foster the development of devotional gatherings. They reached out to a team of friends with artistic and technical capabilities, who were able to launch a visually appealing website in the first week of June.

The site’s name “relier les coeurs”, which in English means “binding the hearts”, came from the idea of binding the hearts to the Creator and each other, through prayer.

The team was mindful to include different types of art and ensure resources were easily accessible. Artists from the region submitted their art pieces to be used on the site, matching each visual art piece to the various themes presented.

An introductory video (see below) was produced representing different places and people in Quebec. “The world is going through a challenging and questioning period,” says one person. “It is a period of time that invites reflection and turning toward the Creator,” says another.

The hope is to continue adding new content to the website, as well as encourage the friends to participate by submitting musical pieces and other valuable resources.

So far, the response has been very positive. Friends have shared how pleased they are to be able to easily share this resource with whoever is interested in uplifting their spirit and conversations with others.



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