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Persecution in Nayriz

Vahid House Nayriz
Vahid's House in Nayriz

As Vahid approached Nayriz, the entire population came meet him. He and his family had a long history in that town and he was deeply respected.

On hearing this news, a local leader was perturbed and sent a messenger announcing that whoever aligned himself with the Cause being promoted by Vahid of the Báb would jeopardise his belongings, family and life.

However, this did not deter the populace who had already declared their belief in the Báb.

As soon as he arrived in Nayriz, Vahid ascended the pulpit and addressed the population.

The people attained such a degree of certitude that when Vahid suggested he should leave Nayriz in order to protect them from harm, the women and men circled him, crying:

"We are eager to sacrifice our homes, our possessions, our children, our honour and all in the path of Truth. Should they even slay everyone present, we will not let you leave us."

They wailed and pleaded so much that Vahíd consented to stay for nearly 10 days and each day, from the pulpit he would share the Words of Truth, which caused the believers to increase significantly in number.

Meanwhile, the enemies gathered a force of nearly 1000 gunmen from such diverse tribes as Turks and Tájiks, consisting of both cavalry and infantry, to attack Vahid and those who followed the Báb. Some of Vahid's companions took shelter in a fort.

Akhúnd Mullá 'Abdu'l-Husayn ascended the rooftop and was struck in the right foot during the course of the first volley by the gunmen, and his was the first blood spilled on that land.

When this news was brought to Vahíd, Vahid's response was:

"Rejoice that your Excellency was the first to be honoured with this great blessing and exult in that your station has been exalted."

Thus began a long and bloody battle.



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