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Parallels between Jesus and the Báb

Anyone reading the martyrdoms of both Jesus and the Báb, will notice some very intriguing similarities:

  • The age of the Báb and length of His mission are similar to those of Jesus.

  • Both had farcical trials with predictable conclusions.

  • The Báb is put to death on the eve of Ramadan, exactly as Jesus is martyred on the eve of Sabbath and the Passover, for the same reasons.

  • The Báb being in one account paraded through town on an ass recalls Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

  • The Báb met His martyrdom at noon, which is the time Jesus was taken away to His death in John.

  • Both are suspended in the air (some accounts describe a cross-like arrangement), have one fellow-companion going to Paradise, and the same words are uttered for their going there.

  • Both the Báb and Jesus demonstrate a power over martyrdom that shows it was a voluntary death.

  • Both are depicted being struck by a sword / spear.

  • The disappearance of the Báb before the people, is similar to Jesus' disappearance from the tomb.

  • A long darkness (and other natural wonders) follows the deaths of both the Báb and Jesus.

  • Guards are posted over both the Báb's and Jesus' bodies so that their bodies are not taken, but both fail in their jobs.

  • The bodies of both the Báb and Jesus are both found disappeared on the third day.

  • In both cases an excuse is spread abroad to cover the disappearance.

Excerpt from Martyrdom of the Bab by David Merrick, Edinburgh

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