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New Book: Unveiling the Hidden Words

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

an image of a painted light on a purple background, with a background of a yellow-grey and above it says "unveiling" then underneath says "the hidden words"
Unveiling the Hidden Words

The Hidden Words, that "marvellous collection of gem-like utterances with which Baha'ulláh was inspired, as He paced, wrapped in His meditations, the banks of the Tigris", is one of the most important works in Baha'i literature and one of the most beautiful. The translation of the Arabic and Persian verses into English befitting the eloquence of the original required a master hand.

Diana Malouf's Unveiling the Hidden Words is a study of the translation of the Arabic verses of The Hidden Words.

The book can be bought at Baha'i Books Australia and Barnes and Noble.



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