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New Book: Golden Rule

an image with the Golden Rule: A Universal Ethic in red papyrus
Golden Rule: A Universal Ethic

Affirmed and discovered anew in every generation, the Golden Rule is a part of the inheritance of the world's peoples. It is taught in one form or another in all the world religions and systems of belief and can be found among the traditions of the world's most ancient societies.

This book looks at the Golden Rule as it is variously expressed in each of the major religious systems in the world today. To the author, who approaches his subject from the fundamental oneness of religions, the Golden Rule is a prime tool for the increase of understanding and dialogue among the different faiths. It has particular relevance to today's world, where more and more people find themselves challenged by life in a multi-racial, multi-religious society, and where the true challenge is increasingly perceived as the evolution of such a society into a unified, diverse and peaceful world civilization.

The book can be bought at Baha'i Books Australia and Barnes and Noble.



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