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La Grande Annonce | The Great Announcement

This video combines glorious choral music sung at the 2019 European Baha'i Choral Festival with aerial videos of the Shrine of the Bab in Haifa, Israel, produced and made available by the Baha'i World Centre. It can be used to enhance celebrations of the Birth of the Bab or devotional gatherings of any sort.

Words of the Video

I am the Primal Point from which have been generated all created things. I am the Countenance of God Whose splendour can never be obscured, the Light of God Whose radiance can never fade.

I am the Mystic Fane which the Hand of Omnipotence hath reared.

I am … the ‘Great Announcement’. [From: "Say: Verily I am the One Who is hailed in the Mother Book as the ‘Great Announcement’.] I Myself am, verily, but a ring upon the hand of Him Whom God shall make manifest.


Je suis le premier Point, qui a engendré toutes choses. Je suis le visage de Dieu, dont la splendeur ne sera jamais ternie. Je suis la lumière de Dieu, dont l'éclat ne peut s'affaiblir. Je suis le Temple mystique, édifié par le ToutPuissant. Je suis la Grande Annonce, Je suis le premier Point.

En vérité, je ne suis moi-même qu'un anneau placé au doigt, qu'un anneau placé au doigt, de celui que Dieu rendra manifeste, de celui que Dieu rendra manifeste, rendra manifeste.



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