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Kings and Rulers and the Baha'i Faith

Kings and Rulers and the Baha'i Faith

There is a story shared by Hájí Sháh Khalíl’u’lláh about Bahá’u’lláh and the nature of this dispensation which can provide us some insight:

“One day Bahá’u’lláh informed my father that He would be visiting us in the afternoon. That day He arrived with a few of his disciples. We were both highly honoured by His presence and immersed in the ocean of His grace and bounties. After some time He arose to depart. We accompanied Him to the door and as He went out, He signalled to us not to accompany Him further. I watched from behind His graceful stature and the majesty of His walk, until He disappeared from my sight. I was so carried away, and in that state I said to myself: What a pity! If only the kings of the world could recognize Him and arise to serve Him, both the Cause and the believers would be exalted in this day.

The following day when we attained His presence, He turned His face to me and addressed the following words to me with infinite charm and loving kindness. He said: ‘If the kings and rulers of the world had embraced the Faith in this day, you people could never have found an entry into this exalted Court. You could never have had the opportunity to attain Our presence, nor could you ever have acquired the privilege of hearing the words of the Lord of Mankind. Of course the time will come when the kings and rulers of the world will become believers, and the Cause of God will be glorified outwardly. But this will happen after the meek and the lowly ones of the earth have won this inestimable bounty.”

How striking to think that Bahá’u’lláh Himself willed that we, ordinary people, should have the extraordinary privilege of recognising Him at this time. How striking to contemplate the priceless bounty we have been given to support and to promote His Cause.



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