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How the Bahá'í Faith Helps Us Go Deeper than Diversity

Talk given by Mr. Eric Dozier & Ms. Homa Sabet Tavangar on May 29, 2021 In this presentation, Mr. Eric Dozier & Ms. Homa Sabet Tavangar explore how the Bahá’í Faith goes deeper than diversity. Homa and Eric demonstrate the friendship, respect and love that makes interpersonal bonds so important in today’s world. Their commitment to diversity, inclusion, global awareness and community is the hallmark of their joint presentation. You will leave inspired to be better, do more, and strive for justice.

----Timestamps---- 0:00:00 - Opening Reading 0:00:53 - Introduction 0:02:28 - Talk 0:57:25 - Q/A 1:33:20 - Closing

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