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11 Great Videos to Help Celebrate the Declaration of the Bab

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

11 Video Resources and Music to commemorate the Baha'i Holy Day, the Declaration of the Bab

The House of the Bab: The Declaration Chamber

A talented Baha'i animator from Melbourne, Australia, Oscar Gomez has digitally recreated the the room in which the Bab - “the Gate” - first declared His station as a Messenger of God. LEARN MORE >

Declaration of the Bab

Video celebrating the Declaration of the Bab. The music is by Smith and Dragoman from their CD "Open the Gates" (

Shrine of the Bab

“The Bab” by Naim Z, Naim S & Negin

Luke Slott - Promised One

The Letters of the Living

The very first people to recognise and follow the Báb were known as the Letters of the Living...

Pilgrimage to the House of the Báb

Tom Francis - New Light (live version)

Heart to Heart: Tahirih's Poem to the Bab

Ahdi - Toloue Bamdad - "Rise of Dawn"

Persian wrap/poem dedicated to the Bab. Link to the translation:

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