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Great Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Ideas

Here are just a few options on what you can buy to help you celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha this year:

Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Cards

A set of twelve Ayyám-i-Há cards (3 different cards, 4 of each) and envelopes to share the Days of Joy with family and friends, near and far. Inside of cards say: "Happy Ayyám-i-Há" or "Wishing You a Joyful Time with Family and Friends!" or "Hope Your Ayyám-i-Há is filled with laughter and fun!". Get some gift cards >

Baha'i Jewellery

Baha'i Jewellery

95 Gems is a family owned business that started out in Australia. They have been able to offer our products to the world since 2010 and have been approved to do so by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Australia.

Making Bahá'í jewellery is for them a pleasure. Using the arts to create pieces that highlight spiritual concepts gives them joy and satisfaction. Their designs are not only inspired by the beauty around them but largely by the greatness of the Holy Writings. Buy some jewellery >


Banners, Greeting Cards, Stickers and Much More

Ayyam-i-Ha Banners

Delighted Hearts make a collection of resources for Baha'i celebrations. Melissa L. Charepoo, creator of Delighted Hearts, wanted to create a festive environment at home for Baha’i Holy Days that will not only help her make memories with her children but also nurture their Baha’i identities through activities that would bring their hearts close to the Sacred Writings and the Faith’s History in an inviting way through the use of arts. Get some banners and more >

Get Great Baha'i Books

George Ronald Baha'i Books

Authentic, Accurate and Inspiring Books on the Bahá'í Faith. George Ronald was founded by David Hofman in 1943, in order to make available a wider range of literature on Bahá'í subjects. The publishing of Bahá'í books has greatly expanded since the 1980s, and the variety of books that they publish is widening all the time. Get a book >

William Sears & The A'yyám-i-Há Kids

William Sears Ayyam-i-Ha

This is one of the most beloved Bahá'í albums ever produced. Many Bahá'ís around the world consider this the soundtrack of their childhood during the A'yyám-i-Há season.

"Happy A'yyám-i-Há" received the Christian Angel Award in 1979 for the Best Children's Album of the Year. This was the first time in the association's history that the Angel Award had been given to a non-Christian group. The blending of Mr. Sears's storytelling and the memorable sing-a-long songs performed by the children make this collection irresistible for everyone - young and old alike. With the completion of the project, Mr. Sears stated that future generations would still be listening to the Happy A'yyám-i-Há album. Get a bit of history >

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