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A Gift Coloring Activity for the Declaration of the Báb

Melissa L. Charepoo of the Delighted Hearts’ Blog is happy to share a gift  coloring activity for the Declaration of the Báb inspired in the room of the house of the Báb in Shiraz, which will help children understand the setting where the declaraton happened. Hope it is useful!

You are welcome to download the PDF: HERE

About Melissa L. Charepoo

Melissa L. Charepoo is a Bahá’í, wife, and mother. She has combined her professional training in the fine arts as an architect and her love for the Teachings of the Bahá’í Faith to create delightful resources to nurture children’s hearts.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and obtained a masters degree in architecture from the University of Puerto Rico.  Currently, she lives in metro Atlanta, GA with her husband and their two boys who are the joy of their lives. Besides designing decorations, writing, illustrating, she enjoys baking, reading, crafting and loves serving her community as a Baha’i children’s class teacher.

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