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Compilation of all the Bahá’í Temples

Kareem Ruhi couldn't find a comprehensive video online having aerial footage of all the Bahá'í Houses of Worship (or Temples), so he put this version together.

The showcased temples are as follows:

Continental Houses of Worship

1. Wilmette, Illinois, U.S (completed in 1953) 2. Kampala, Uganda (dedicated on January 13, 1961) 3. Sydney (Ingleside), New South Wales, Australia (dedicated on September 17, 1961) 4. Hofheim-Langenhain, Germany (dedicated on July 4, 1964) 5. Panama City, Panama (dedicated April 29–30, 1972) 6. Tiapapata, Samoa (dedicated on September 1, 1984) 7. Delhi, India (dedicated on December 1986) 8. Santiago, Chile (dedicated on October 19, 2016)

Local and National Houses of Worship

9. Battambang, Cambodia (dedicated on September 1–2, 2017) 10. Agua Azul, Colombia (dedicated on July 22, 2018) 11. Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea (renders for now as it is under construction)

Baha'i Holy Places & Pilgrimage