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Baha'i Deepenings on Instagram

A small team of Australian youth, striving to create an online space for Bahai-inspired deepenings, have launched "Baha'i Deepenings" on Instagram. The page is dedicated to exploring the Bahá’i Writings and quotes through interactive deepenings and discussions that can be accessible around the globe.

Local Baha’i deepenings have been a big part of their lives and have helped them to grasp a more profound insight on not only the Baha’i perspective of life, but how it intertwines with broader societal views.

This has inspired them to share this experience on a global scale, so:

people of all diverse life circumstances can come together to deepen and achieve the ultimate global perspective.


Their instagram account holds deepenings through their posts which allow viewers to reflect and respectfully discuss the topics at hand. 

Each deepening has a week-cycle. Baha’i quotes that are relevant to the deepening topics are posted throughout the week, and the deepening topic is revealed on the weekend. This allows the viewers to reflect on the quotes and to then share their perspectives at the end of the week. Reflections are then held the next day to share what people have commented so each individual can reflect on others’ perspectives on the topic.

The group hopes that they are able to reach out to all people in order to open each person’s mind to a unified world view, and open their hearts to receive the Teachings of the Faith so we as a society can allow the deepenings to contribute to our spiritual growth and our service towards the betterment of society.



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