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Badi' 2023 Planner

Mooregate publishing releases new Badi' 2023 Planner

Mooregate publishing are a small team (two Bahá'í youth) based in a neighbourhood called Victoria Hills in Kitchener, Ontario. This neighbourhood is made up of four pockets, one of which is Mooregate.

This is our home and we can't help but draw inspiration from the community-building activities here; this publishing company is a reflection of the love we have for our neighbourhood. This project has been in the works for nearly a year and we are unbelievably excited to see it come to fruition. The idea started very simply. In 2022 we realized how much we would love to have a personalized yearly planner with the Badí' calendar. Initially we tried to look for something fitting this description but there wasn't anything that had come to our attention so we decided that we should make a planner. After an initial draft which we made at the beginning of 2022, many edits, and extensive consultation and research, we find ourselves in a place to share something we love with others!

What is the Badí’ calendar

The Badí’ calendar is the Bahá'í calendar which started in 1844. It consists of 19 months of 19 days with an additional four or five intercalary days, aligning with the solar calendar (ie. 365 days total/year). Each month and day of the week are named after a virtue; for example, the Bahá'í year begins with the month of Bahá (splendor) and ends with the month of 'Alá' (loftiness).

So what does the planner include?

Although the planner includes the Badí’ calendar, it's not only for Bahá'ís. In its essence, the planner is a tool and an expression of beauty.

The planner includes the Gregorian calendar, the equivalent Badí' dates (including the Bahá'í months, Holy Days, and Feast days), monthly reflection prompts, hand-drawn illustrations of Bahá'í Holy Places, and space for personal reflections and/or sketches!

With the release of their new website, pre-orders for the 2023 Badí' planner are now live. The planner is available in two editions in both hard copy and soft copy format. You can visit their website or instagram for updates on the planner.



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