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Assumptions about human nature shape the design of AI technology

The Bahá’í International Community Brussels Office recently gathered a group of representatives of European institutions and organisations to explore the question of human nature in relation to artificial intelligence (AI). This meeting continued a conversation which began at a meeting on 2 March, where stakeholders came together to identify a set of key questions around AI and its significance in the process of society-building (see below).

“As we are proactively exploring the development of artificial intelligence, we are compelled to look at ourselves from a new perspective. Who are we? What do we desire? From where do we derive meaning?” stated Jeff Simon from the BIC Brussels Office. Participants at the meeting on 7 July noted that our conception of human nature inevitably shapes the design of new technology, and how it is utilized. “Whether AI technologies are conducive to the flourishing and advancement of society can only be answered once we have thought about what human nature entails” remarked one participant. 

Future meetings aim to address, among other issues, questions related to the creation, distribution, and impact of AI. How can we ensure that AI contributes to the well-being of all of humanity, rather than to one part of the world or one section of society? How will AI impact the way people find meaning and purpose in their lives, particularly as it reshapes humankind’s relation to work? These are among the many questions the BIC Brussels Office will continue to explore in greater depth in collaboration with others.

Originally published by the Baha'i International Community

A Vision for A Society of the Future? A Brainstorming Session on AI

Artificial Intelligence : An informal brainstorming session hosted by the BIC brought various stakeholders together to consider the role of technology in the advancement of society

On March 2, experts, policymakers and civil society representatives came together for an informal brainstorming session around a topic that is reshaping human society and attracting the attention of policymakers at an increasing pace: artificial intelligence (AI). During this exploratory session, participants aimed to unpack the deeper questions underlying the beneficial and just use of AI.

The participants noted the need to address these questions in an ongoing conversation, among them the following: What is the role of technological progress in the advancement of a society? How will AI affect the way people find meaning and purpose in their lives, particularly as it reshapes mankind’s economic life? How does our understanding of human nature shape how we view AI? How can we ensure that AI contributes to the well-being of all of mankind? This informal meeting tried to provide an open space for various stakeholders to address some of the above themes in an atmosphere of joint learning.

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