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Ali Youssefi - Como el Fuego / As the Fire

This piece sets to music part of an address the Báb made to His first disciples, as they prepared to sacrificially disperse to share His message with the world.



“¡Oh Mis queridos amigos! Sois los portadores del nombre de Dios en este Día. Habéis sido elegidos como los depositarios de Su misterio.Os incumbe a cada uno de vosotros manifestar los atributos de Dios y ejemplificar por vuestras acciones y palabras, los signos de Su rectitud, Su poder y gloria. Los mismos miembros de vuestro cuerpo deben dar testimonio de lo exaltado de vuestro propósito, la integridad de vuestra vida, la realidad de vuestra fe y el elevado carácter de vuestra devoción…

…Sois como el fuego que en la oscuridad de la noche ha sido encendido en la cima de la montaña.

Dejad que vuestra luz brille ante los ojos de los hombres.”


“O My beloved friends! You are the bearers of the name of God in this Day. You have been chosen as the repositories of His mystery. It behoves each one of you to manifest the attributes of God, and to exemplify by your deeds and words the signs of His righteousness, His power and glory. The very members of your body must bear witness to the loftiness of your purpose, the integrity of your life, the reality of your faith, and the exalted character of your devotion…

… Ye are even as the fire which in the darkness of the night has been kindled upon the mountain-top. Let your light shine before the eyes of men.”

~Address of the Báb to His first followers – quoted from the Dawn Breakers.

About Ali Youssefi

Ali has been surrounded by music his entire life. Having had the chance to live in several places around the world, he has been exposed to numerous musical expressions, many of which find a place in his compositions. Ali studied classical guitar in Chile before moving to Argentina to pursue a degree in Music Therapy.

His musical curiosity and love for diversity combine to make him a versatile and original composer and performer, blending genres, instruments and cultures into a unique sound. His biggest delight comes when uniting people through music, which he strives for in all his musical endeavors.

As a Bahá'í, Ali has, from a young age, drawn inspiration from the sacred and mystical writings of his faith that reflect on the purpose of our creation, the underlying unity of all religions and hence the oneness of humanity, and the effort we need to make to transform the reality we live in.

Check out his website to learn more and experience more of his music >



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