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Centenary of the Arrival of the

Baha'i Faith in Australia

Stories, News Articles, Messages and Resources Celebrating the Centenary of the
Arrival of the Baha'i Faith in Australia

April 2020 - April 2021 marks the centenary of the arrival of the Baha'i Faith in Australia. Through out the year, Baha'is will commemorate this historic event through multiple activities. 

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Mother Father - Tom Francis.jpg

Tom Francis -
Mother, Father

Inspired by Clara and Hyde Dunn, affectionately known as Mother and Father Dunn, Tom Francis has written this beautiful song on the 100 year anniversary of their arrival to Australia.

Australia Bahai Centenary Puppetshow.jpg

Shadow Puppet - Celebrating Australia

This short shadow puppet show by Nika Sinai tells the story of Clara and John Henry Hyde Dunn. It briefly tells their journey from accepting the Baha'i Faith in America to selflessly arising to travel to the far-off continent of Australia.

Recollections Clara Dunn.jpg

Recollections of the Hands of the Cause

In this presentation issued by the Wilmette Institute, Mariette Leong traces the early life of Clara Dunn, how she met Henry Hyde Dunn and learned of the Bahá’í Faith from him.

Clara Hyde Dunn.jpg

Centenary Presentation by Graham Hassall

To mark the centenary of the arrival of Clara and Hyde Dunn in Australia on 10th April, 1920, historian Graham Hassall gives a special online presentation about their lives, accomplishments, and legacy.

sydney bahai house australia.jpg

House of Worship Weekly Livestream

Weekly Temple Services will recommence and will be live streamed on Sundays at 11am (Sydney Australia time) as of this Sunday 19 April 2020.

Sydney 048.jpg

Beautiful Video of the Baha'i House

Watch this uplifting drone video of the Sydney Baha'i House of Worship. 


Message from National Spiritual Assembly

Message from the National Spiritual Assembly of Australia on the commemoration of the centenary of the arrival of the Baha'i Faith in Australia.


First Letter sent by Shoghi Effendi

First Letter sent by Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, to the Baha’is of Australia. 

Sydney Bahai House Australia.jpg

Devotional Program of Centenary Celebration

The Devotional Program of the Australian Bahá’í House of worship Centenary of the Arrival of the Baha'i Faith in Australia.


Centenary Baha'i Celebrations Start

The Australian Baha'i Community invites everyone to join the livestream of a special service dedicated to launching the centenary of the arrival of the Baha'i Faith in Australia.


Spiritual conquerors of this wide, brown land

Australia will begin celebrations marking the centenary of Clara and Hyde Dunn's arrival in Australia to promote the Cause of Bahá’u'lláh.


Ridvan greetings from the Prime Minister

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia, has addressed the Australian Baha'i Community for the Ridvan Festival. The message also notes this year's centenary of the Baha'i community in Australia.

Effie-Baker 1.jpg

First Australian woman to become a Baha’i

Effie Baker – the first Australian woman to become a Baha’i; one of Australia’s foremost woman photographers; her photographs were chosen by the Guardian for inclusion in Nabil’s narrative, ‘The Dawn-Breakers’.

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