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What if ?

What if the answers the world has been seeking came two hundred years ago! And most of us are just finding out?

It’s the greatest challenge we human beings face in our lives – making sense of life itself and our purpose in the world. It’s a question that not only affects our own direction; it ultimately affects the direction of the whole world.

For many of us, these BIG life questions come early in life, especially around the age of junior youth – around ages 11 to 15, but for others, it comes much later. Often it is through the tests and difficulties that life serves up to each of us. Sometimes, as with youth, it is a sheer unadulterated longing for truth. As time goes on, we either increase the search or settle, usually into our own conception of reality, or we follow the beliefs or traditions handed down to us by our parents and grandparents, without investigating for ourselves.

For our main character Sean, making sense of what’s happening in the world and to his friends has reached a critical juncture in his life. The seeming “good life,” the life of pleasure and distraction offered by society especially here in the West, has soured for him. Having lost his best friend through depression and seeing so many others plagued by addictions, Sean’s anxiety about the state of the world has worsened. And yet, deep down, Sean is an optimist, he senses that somewhere there ARE answers, that happiness and contentment ARE possible, and that a life of purposeful direction – in search of justice and service and love, IS possible. He just needs to find it.

Having met a new friend – Kyle – who is aware of the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, Sean is now faced with the ultimate test: if he senses truth in what Kyle is telling him, will he be able to set aside his previous habits and assumptions to explore deeply? And if through his search he finds the truth, will he have the courage and resolve to embrace it?



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