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The Centre for the Study of the Texts

“The Centre for the Study of the Texts . . . will be the seat of an institution of Bahá’í scholars, the efflorescence of the present Research Department of the World Centre, which will assist the Universal House of Justice in consulting the Sacred Writings, and will prepare translations of and commentaries on the authoritative texts of the Faith.” - The Universal House of Justice

The Centre for the Study of the Texts is the third building of the Arc Complex, and was completed and occupied in 1999. It was inaugurated in May 2001. It consists of study rooms for resident and visiting scholars, meeting and conference rooms, a large reference library, a secretariat and other ancillary spaces totaling 7750 m² (83 420 ft²). The building is integrated into the mountain with a portico that reflects the classical motifs of the other buildings. The offices of the building enjoy natural light directly or through light wells, patios, and skylights.

It now houses the Research Department, and is the temporary home of the International Bahá’í Library and other offices.



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