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Prayer By Baha’u’llah | Purge Thou mine ear | Elahi Tarani

Prayer by Bahá’u’lláh chanted with music.

Purge Thou mine ear, O my Lord, that I may hearken unto the verses sent down unto Thee, and illuminate my heart with the light of Thy knowledge, and loose my tongue that it may make mention of Thee and sing Thy praise. By Thy might, O my God! My soul is wedded to none beside Thee, and my heart seeketh none except Thine own Self. - Baha'u'llah

Piano by Per Hakman

Violin by Mohammad Rjoub

Prayer by Baha'u'llah in original language:

أي رب طهر أذني لاستماع آياتك ونور قلبي بنور عرفانك، ثم اَنطق لساني بذكرك وثنائك، فوعزتك يا الهي لا احب سواك ولا اريد دونك.

About Elahi Tarani

Elahi Tarani is a project to record Arabic Baha'i Prayers with music. Their goal is to make the word of God reach everyone and for these prayers to be used in the various programs. You can listen on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes Music, Apple Music and Anghami. Just search for Elahi Tarani.

Instagram: ElahiTarani -

Spotify: Elahi Tarani -

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