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A Rich Tapestry

Reshaping Society Based on the Oneness of Humanity

“The oneness of humanity is far more than a slogan or an abstract and unattainable ideal. It has profound implications for both personal behavior and for the way society is organized― challenging many current assumptions and revolutionizing our conceptions of the relationships that should exist between the individual, society, and its institutions.”

With this bold reminder of the power of the teachings of Baha’u’llah to influence our world toward greater unity and love, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States has given America a call to action:

“Awareness of the spiritual reality of human beings carries with it the moral requirement that all be given every opportunity to fulfill their potential and to contribute to the advancement of civilization. To this end, we have a twofold mission: to develop within our own community a pattern of life that increasingly reflects the spirit of the Bahá’í teachings, and to engage with others in a deliberate and collaborative effort to eradicate the ills afflicting our nation.
“A rich tapestry of community life that increasingly reflects the sublime teachings of the Blessed Beauty will not emerge of its own accord. The evils of racism, materialism, and moral decadence will be eradicated only by a love that is translated into action―such actions as deliberately going out of our way to befriend all, appreciating the indispensable contributions of all, and joining hands with all in the creation of a new world.”

Read the entire statement from February 2017 at a pivotal time in America.

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